How to make the most out of OnBrand '17

By Nicolas Deskos | 28 September 2017

With over 40 speakers across 4 stages, OnBrand ’17 is set to be bigger and better than ever before. And with so much hustle and branding bustle taking place, we want to make sure you get the most bang for your marketing buck! 💸 So we've created this handy guide to highlight what we're most excited about before the big day (did someone say NASA...?) and hopefully pique your interest!

See yourself as a bit of a techie?

OnBrand '17 is more than just a marketing conference. With topics ranging from augmented reality to what it means to be human in the digital age, the Cosmic Innovation stage is the place to be for all things tech. Be sure to check out:

Reality 2.0

Augmented reality is the ultimate platform that will help us achieve a truly human-centric and human-driven interaction. Galit Ariel will poke your brains (and your reality) asking what happens when we use technology to (literally) upgrade our own reality. Cosmic Innovation: 10:00

Technology-enabled creativity

Connectivity is changing everything around us, including the opportunities for brands to deliver quality to consumers and end-users. Cameron Worth, founder of the first focused IoT agency, will share his thoughts on the evolution of connected brands, as well as some interesting case studies. Cosmic Innovation: 14:50

In need of that creative spark?

We’re so bogged down with big data, programmatic, and general short-termism nowadays, that we often forget about what makes people tick in the first place. Head over to the Lunar Creativity stage to hear from brands and agencies breaking the mould to find a fresh view and a unique voice. Don't miss:

What CEOs can learn from the street

Jurian van der Hoeven and David Snellenberg of Dawn will discuss what brands can learn from street and youth culture, their growing importance in today's communication landscape, and share the key ingredients to cracking today's market. Lunar Creativity: 12:50

Love + Hate. The power of data-driven creativity.

Simon Summerscales, Director of Communication Strategy at 72andSunny, will reveal the power of data-driven creativity in making sure marketing creates genuine emotion. Lunar Creativity: 15:30

Craving some wholesome inspiration?

We all need that feelgood factor now and again to spark our next great idea. These days, the world’s top brands don’t just need to make money. They need to have integrity. That is why we’re providing a platform for all those brands that strive to be a force of good in the world. So get inspired with:

Beyond cause marketing: How businesses can be activists and help change the world 🌍

Jay Curley, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry's, will offer an inspiring talk on how Ben & Jerry’s are blending grassroots activism with brand marketing to advocate for progressive change in the world. Start taking notes! Brand Universe: 10:00

What can brands learn from drag culture

If that title hasn't got you interested, I don’t know what will! Kerrie Finch, Founder & CEO of brand experts FinchFactor, leads an interactive panel discussion about empowering brands in a hard-hitting way that you certainly won’t find in your Marketing 101 college textbook. Lunar Creativity: 16:10


Or do you want to get real with some no-nonsense practical sessions? 💪

Not the biggest fan of inspirational keynotes and big ideas? Don’t fret. Return from beyond and get back down to earth with practical sessions for those who want to learn something today, and implement it tomorrow. This year, we have a workshop stage with 90-minute sessions to quench your thirst for knowledge and prep you for a new era of marketing. Get practical with:

Selling with Facebook

Struggling to target the right audiences/interests with the right ad buying types, bidding models and creative formats on Facebook? Dimi Karavasilis, Social Media Director at DDB Spain, will teach you how to successfully implement Facebook ads in your media efforts. Lunar Creativity: 14:10

How to win at content marketing in 2018

In this interactive workshop, Len Markidan, Head of Marketing at Groove, will take us through the current state of content marketing, where it's heading, and how you can win in 2018. Galactic Workshops: 10:00

But it’s not all talk and no play, though...

With 21,000m2 of floor space, we welcome you to get lost in the industrial halls of the former sugar factory. When you’re not checking out the stages, be sure to explore our Brand Playground—an interactive area where you can get up close and personal with the brands on show.

For the networking ninjas among you, our Immersive Garden is a great place to get together with like-minded people. (Pro tip: Use the event app to connect with fellow attendees and speakers). Oh, and did I mention that we have an official afterparty at the A’dam Tower? Make sure you RSVP to book your place on the guestlist.

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, first off, why not? And second, be quick. There are less than 150 spaces left. Buy yours before it’s too late.

See you on October 12!

Nicolas Deskos
When he's not cycling around Amsterdam, Nicolas is curating OnBrand events and writing frank, no-nonsense articles on branding and marketing trends. Coming soon to an event near you.