The social media wrap up of OnBrand '17

By Janelle Flemming | 16 October 2017

That’s a wrap for OnBrand ‘17: Beyond—no doubt the biggest and best to date!

This year’s OnBrand conference was hosted at the weird and wonderful SugarCity Fabriek, an old sugar factory just outside Amsterdam. Attendees got to experience a variety of talks from some of today’s biggest brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, Google, and NASA to name a few.

The charming industrial space set the stage for a truly electric atmosphere on the day. Both speakers and attendees shared the positive vibes all across social media, and it was buzzing, with OnBrand-related posts reaching one million social media impressions. Your social game was on point guys!

You can take a look at some of the social media highlights from the day below, featuring inspiring one-liners, speaker insights, venue shots, and a cat selfie… at the end of the day, this IS the internet, right?

Everyone loves Dutch canals

Prior to the event on October 12th, attendees were mesmerized by Amsterdam’s scenic canals (bonus points if you actually saw the sun), and wanted to share this with fellow OnBrand '17 attendees. Netherlands, represent! 💪🏽

Venue shots

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm! And by worm, I mean captivating photos of the old sugar factory in all its colorful glory! TOMS' EMEA Marketing Director, Lisa Hogg, took a moment to appreciate the calm before the storm.

NASA revealed how they rocketed to social media stardom 🚀

What’s NASA’s secret to becoming the stars of social media, you ask? They plan-et! NASA JPL's News and Social Media Manager, Veronica McGregor, demonstrated how they use virtual reality technology as a social media tool, revealing close-ups of their space explorations that were truly out of this world! Okay no more space could say I’m all spaced out (sorrynotsorry).

Harness the hate

Simon Summerscales demonstrated his advertising agency 72andSunny are certainly not ones to sit on the fence with his bold and brash presentation on the power of hate for a brand.

Still cat your attention?

If all that branding bustle didn’t draw you in, maybe this cute cat pic in our official OnBrand event app will do the trick? 🐱


👂🏼We’re all ears!

OnBrand ‘17 was certainly beyond conventional in many ways—those attending the Lunar Creativity and Cosmic Innovation stages tuned into the talks via earphones for a truly immersive experience. And DDB Spain’s Social Media Director Dimi was definitely up for the challenge!

Selfie giveaway

During the event, we were feeling generous so we decided to give away two tickets to next year’s conference for the attendee who managed to get a selfie with a speaker. Joanna, of course, went all in and managed to get one with Veronica from NASA. Congrats Joanna! See you next year!

All the biertjes... 🍺

And of course, the OnBrand afterparty was the real cherry on top to close the conference in style. Held at the picturesque A’DAM Tower in the heart of the city, guests had the chance to unwind and get networking over a beer. Or over 10 beers like these guys...

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Janelle Flemming
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