OnBrand '17: Meet the speakers

By Nicolas Deskos | 07 September 2017

OnBrand '17 will open its doors to a line-up of world-class marketing leaders from brands and agencies such as Google, NASA, Greenpeace, VICE, Havas, DDB, The New York Times, Ben & Jerry’s, and many, many more.

This year’s event will play host to 2,000 attendees, 4 stages of content, and plenty of opportunity to network with the speakers and brands on show. In the run up to the event we'll be announcing the latest speaker presentations here, so be sure to watch this space.

"We are more powerful than we think"


Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director at Google UK’s Creative Lab, will show us why we should all aspire to be creative activists. Embodying Google’s core value of always focusing on the user, Steve’s team spend their time thinking up new ways to connect people and brands with the magic of cutting edge technology. Steve's talk will challenge you to use your creativity to make things better, whether you're delivering ad campaigns or helping those in need.

Main stage: 13:20

##"Cut the crap, help people act: How Greenpeace is entering a new era" In this talk, you’ll hear a story about one of the most iconic brands in the world and how Greenpeace is returning to its roots in a time of social change. Laura Hilliger, Open Strategist at Greenpeace, will show us how Greenpeace is using the power of technology to help everyday people take control and act to protect the planet. And how you can too.

Main stage: 14:10

How to not bullsh*t the most critical audience of our time


Millennials as consumers are here to stay. For brands, they’ve become the most valuable audience of our time due to their size and spending power. Having been targeted with marketing since they where newborns, they’ve developed the most sophisticated bullsh*t detector of all time. That’s where VICE comes in. Drawing on VICE's 22-years of experience in publishing stories by and for millennials, Mark Chalmers, CCO of VICE's in-house creative agency, will reveal how to create stories that resonate and stick out in their timelines.

Creativity stage: 10:35


Start something that matters

At TOMS, it all started with a purpose and that purpose remains at the heart of everything they do. What began as a simple idea to give a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair sold, One for One, has turned into something much bigger, a movement, mission and purpose to improve lives through business. Lisa Hogg, EMEA Marketing Director at TOMS will share the brand's story and inspire you to start something that matters tomorrow.

Reality 2.0


Augmented reality is the ultimate platform that will help us achieve a true human-centric and human-driven interaction. Embedded into our physical realm and based on intuitive, cognitive and behavioural interaction–this groundbreaking platform will change everything we know about the human/cyber continuum. Galit Ariel will poke your brains [and your reality] asking what happens when we use technology to [literally] upgrade our own reality?

Innovation stage: 10:30


Beyond cause marketing: How businesses can be activists and help change the world

Businesses have an increasingly important role to play to help create a world where the environment is respected, human rights are basic rights, are everyone can prosper. Jay Curley, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry's, will share how they strive to use their business operations and marketing approach to enlist their fans to join social movements to change the world.

Main stage: 9:50

What the f**k is innovation as a service?


Businesses that are growing insanely quickly do so by rapid experimentation. Everyone agrees the faster you test the faster you learn, yet the majority of businesses are still stuck in hedgehog gear. Scott Morrison, Co-Founder of ThinkSprint, asked 50 CMOs what prevented them from hitting the nitro button. In his talk, Scott will share these learnings and how it led to them build a new capability for Samsung, Santander Cycles and BBC Worldwide.

Innovation stage: 15:45


What CEOs can learn from the street

While immersed in corporate visions and business forecasts, the last thing most CEOs probably think about is what's happening on the street. This is about to change. Jurian van der Hoeven and David Snellenberg of Dawn will discuss what brands can learn from street and youth culture, their growing importance in today's communication landscape, and share the key ingredients to cracking today's market.

Creativity stage 12:55

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Nicolas Deskos
When he's not cycling around Amsterdam, Nicolas is curating OnBrand events and writing frank, no-nonsense articles on branding and marketing trends. Coming soon to an event near you.