OnBrand Video Awards: The Top 10

By The OnBrand Team | 07 September 2017

Video is quickly becoming one of the strongest ways to showcase the true essence of a brand and help people understand the real story behind a company in today’s increasingly digital world. That’s why we organized the OnBrand Video Awards, to invite marketers and creatives to showcase their storytelling talents through video.

After much deliberation, we’re thrilled to announce the top 10 finalists for the OnBrand Video Awards (in alphabetical order)! We received some amazing submissions, and we are highlighting ten of the best brands that really demonstrate that they know their audience, while presenting their story in an innovative and visually-appealing way.

The winner will not only be given an all-expenses trip to Amsterdam, but their video will be presented to over 2,000 marketing professionals attending OnBrand '17.

Absolute Wave by Sungwoo Kim (South Korea)

This personal-branding video stylized by Sungwoo Kim deploys dark and mysterious visuals with an underlying theme of an ‘absolute wave’ to convey the personality of its producer.

Autograph by Human Innovation (United Kingdom)

Autograph Collection immerses viewers into the luxury, handpicked boutique hotels that they offer across the world. By combining serene visuals with delicate sound bites, the video really engages its viewers for a much more personal experience.

Collecting Moments by Intrepid Travel (Australia)

“Collecting moments: that's what travel is all about to many of us.” Adventure travel company Intrepid Travel cleverly frame this video from the perspective of a modern traveler as they venture across the world. The imagery immerses viewers into the local vibes of a country; a reflection of the ‘grassroots’ adventures that Intrepid Travel strive to promote.

Fitness App by Kudu Studio (Belarus)

The Fitness for Weight Loss app manages to showcase a no-frills, high-octane demonstration of the fitness app in a punchy 30-second clip. With active demonstrations of various exercises, viewers are informed exactly what the app is designed for, and how it may benefit you.

Gastaldi (United Kingdom)

This personal project by motion graphics designer Nicola Gastaldi aims to convey the atypical universe experienced by the London-based artist, combining optical illusions and psychedelic visuals. He certainly didn’t make the project easy for himself: creating 100 animations in 100 days, limited to just 50 frames and three colors.

A Husky Story by Feed Me Light (United Kingdom)

Produced by London-based animation studio Feed Me Light, this light-hearted and comical clip was produced for cosmetics retailer Kiehl’s. Guided by a witty and poetic narration, it follows Jim the Quinoa Husk on his journey from the humble quinoa farm to an essential ingredient in Kiehl’s Nightly Micro-Peel Concentrate.

HVA by Momkai B.V. (Netherlands)

This snappy clip was produced by Dutch creative agency Momkai B.V. in order to promote Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. By tapping into the rich history of design in the Netherlands, the video promotes a positive and motivational message that encourages viewers to be like the Dutch and become a Maker.

Tygr by Surajit Majhi, from Graphixstory Private Limited (India)

With the help of creative design agency Graphixstory Private Limited, Tygr presents their omni-transport app in a way that certainly catches the eye. By using vibrant colours and quirky animations, the video manages to immerse viewers and really capture their attention.

Vidello Animation by Dirk Jan Haamsra of dirkjan.co (Netherlands)

Independent designer Dirk Jan Haamsra produces a colorful and forthright animation for video marketing experts Vidello. The video is packed with informative demonstrations of Vidello’s features, in a way that is casual, yet very convincing.

Youth4Global for AIESEC by Omar Issa (Netherlands)

Self-described as an ‘activational’ video for the non-profit youth organization AIESEC, this inspiring clip promotes the Youth 4 Global Goals project. The focus on bold textual imagery that flies in the face of its viewers really helps to convey the urgency of its powerful message.

The OnBrand Team